Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Studio oh Studio

I finally feel at home in my little studio..
I have things were I need them to be..
I put things away so they will be there next time..
Its a gr8 feeling..who knew ?

I actually enjoy the fruits of my labor..
Its a new fruit..ORGANIZATION..
It taste's pretty darn good..

I know other folks who like to have things neat and tidy
I never understood how to be that way..or WHY to be that way...

Funny how we can still keep growing after we are "grown up" !!
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Kathryn M said...

I am so jealous! I just want to come and spend hours creating in your studio! Can I rent a hour or so and pay for supplies and come play?! So cool, I am inspired.. Time to work on a creative birth room. (Art not babies! )
XOXO Way to go girl!
Miss ya

Nik said...

Proud of you! Haha