Friday, August 27, 2010

LiTTLe WhiTe BuTTeRfLieS

LiTTLe WhiTe BuTTeRfLieS

Today I watched white packing peanuts dance in the wind.
They were swirling and twisting round and round like little tornado's

Then I looked further down the way, and they were fluttering in the air and looked like little white butterflies
When the wind would change direction , they would swoosh near my feet and then twist up and around a corner
Just to dance back towards me again

 I wondered how they knew to do this , how the wind knew I needed to see something beautiful
How discovering that if I stood still and just went with it, I could find a peace
Instead of moaning and groaning that it was too windy outside or spending my time thinking, why doesn't someone clean up that mess of packing peanuts

But instead today I watched those little white dancers made of trash and thought to myself
It is all about perspective and things I choose to think about

I choose to find peace in strange sort of way, it changed my attitude as I finished the day
Thank you Little White Butterflies ,your beautiful dance was a sweet surprise

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