Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have made at least a HUNDRED of these..WitH All KinDs OFJARs !

I haVe a Love aFFaiR with JARS !!
I PuT EveRyThinG I GaThER..In A JaR..

NaiLs and HooKs,RiBboNs and BoWs, BuTToNs and LacE,
SheLLs and SaNd,SeAGlaSS and SaNdDoLlaRs,WiReS and ThReaD,FiNiaLs,TreAsureS and AngeL HaiRs,BoTTLE CaPs,FoUnD ObJeCts and TwIGs,JaCkS and PeArLs, CloThPiNs and JeWelS, HaiRPinS and KeYcHaiNs,BaRReTeS,BauBLes,CoTToNsBaLLs and Q-TiPs, BuBBLeBatH,HaIRpiNs,RinGs and RuBBeRbaNds,NeeDLeS and PaiNtBruShEs ,BeAdS and liTTLe ScRaPs oF PaPeR,RuBBeR StaMpS,PoStaGe StaMps,MaRbeLs and DoLL HaNds,CeRaMiC ToEs,
FeAtHeRs and TaGs,FLoWerS and RuLeRs ,PePPeR and SaLT,SpIcEs and PeNNieS, NicKeLs and DiMeS, LiTTleWooDBloCkS,BiTs OF StRinG,tiNy ChArMs, PhoToGrApHs,CraYoNs and LiTTLe RoCkS,PeNs and PeNciLs,LiTTLe WaTch PaRtS,SissoRs and HiGhLiGhTeRs,
CaNdLeS and knOBs,KnoCkeRs and SeeDs,RiCe and BeaNs,CooKiEs AnD CaNdY
and OtHeR ThinGs...

To Me ...JaRs AreN't JuSt HaNdY ,TheY aRe WiNdOWs..To FiLL WiTh ALL ThAT iS DaNDy !

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