Thursday, June 24, 2010

GooDniTe SwEEt SuMMeR SkY

   Tonight I Rested and Gazed at The Sky...
   I Pondered The Way, Birds Must Learn How To FLY..

   Its The Reason I Need TRIAL and Error..IN My Life
   To Understand how ..
   To Gather UP Courage and ...
    Let Myself Soar
   To Have No Fear and Just Let it Go..

   Mistakes I Make Can Be Lessons In Life..

Like How to Turn Clouds Into Something To Ride
Enjoying My Journey.... I Look For Silver Linings, Inside..

As I Watched the changes that came with each Breeze..
I Realized the Clouds Faced Bending with Ease..

The Birds Rode the Wind ..not Fighting their FLIGHT..
They Proved To Be More than a Fantastic Sight..

An Inspiration For Changing and Growing
And Trying New Things..
Right Then and There , I Closed Out that Chapter of Living in Fear..

So Goodnight Sweet Summer Sky..You've Taught Me So Much...

You are There Everyday to Give Me A Gift....
I'm Glad I Looked Up and Didn't Pass By
The Opportunity Waiting ..
To Teach Me To Fly !

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