Monday, June 27, 2011

Gave myself permission !!

From: Susan Wagner
Date: June 27, 2011 12:21:55 PM 

Today .. I give myself PERMISSION to own a Porsche Cayenne !! With a Custom paint color of Aquamarine ! I give myself permission to earn money ...$50,000 a MONTH or more! And permission to work hard for that money while still enjoying my down time!! I give myself permission to SAVE MONEY ...and to walk into the car dealership and pay CASH !! I give myself permission to be wealthy and to be healthy and live in Joy !! I release my old belief system that has strangled the life out of me !! I give myself permission to purchase my Little White Cottage Farm in Capitola or Long Beach or Monterey or where ever God wants to plant me .. I give my permission to have kitties and an old friendly English Bulldog named Sky. I give myself permission to own goats and chickens and Honey Bees. To grow a garden of veggies and wildflowers and sell my goods to better the people around me..I also give myself permission to make ART and sell it around the Globe. I give myself permission to walk on the shore and collect shells and Sea Glass, To gather Driftwood and create Art to sell. Permission to enjoy the sun and to walk with Jesus in the sand. Permission to make wishes come true for the people who God brings to me. Permission to invite family , friends and neighbors , to enjoy BBQ's and Holidays..Camping out on the porch and building Sand Castles. Permission to have a photography darkroom and instruct others who want to learn !   Lord , you are a Great God and a wonderful Father and the giver of Good Things !! You gave me permission to love myself and walk in forgiveness and grace .. Permission to walk in LOVE !! Permission to live on my own without the interruption of a marriage relationship. Permission to live with respect and Mercy !! Thank you My Lord and King ..Praise you for your Glory and Gift of Forgiveness !! Now, I am free to live my life within the Identity of who I am in Christ !! I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS !!

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