Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning has broken....like the first morning..(at our new home)

So..our first morning at the new place...I opened my eyes to the most beautiful chocolate brown walls I ever seen ..I opened the blinds to reveal the biggest palm tree on the planet..

it is so large that the frons expand both of my windows ..

and our place is above my artwork garage, so its up high enough ,so its like living in a tree house on a tropical island !!

Husband had coffee ready, we went out on the little front porch (landing)..smoked our nasty cigarettes..outside , NO SMOKING IN OUR HOUSE ANYMORE !!!..

anyway...that was pleasant..then I lost my cool when I couldn't find my makeup, perfume or deodorant....
then I calmed down..cause it wasn't the end of the world..and of course then i found it !!

Husband said I'm sorry you had a rough time this morning...
I said NO, I was dumb..I am sorry I was freakin out...

Then I had my first morning to COMMUTE..ughhh..I was only 5 minutes late and found a backway that helps my avoid the traffic jams..
all in all..not to bad !!!
Now.I just want to go home and decorate !!!!!

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