Sunday, July 4, 2010

Layers of Paper and Other things

Wow..I never knew how many things I would find when I reorganized my Studio..
Layers of paper scraps and other things....
that are good for my next creation, tiny little charms that got lost in a shuffle,are now in their proper place; the cutest little jar..lined up next to several other cutest little old drawer I was meaning to paint and use as a shelf, got painted and is now used as a shelf..I found the ribbon I bought, then lost and bought again..I am working on places to stash my pages and pages of ideas , cutouts and stickers, putting paints in their baskets and rubber stamps in big jars..looking at things in a completely new way.
But that was just the first two days...lots more to shuffle, change and put away !
It will all be worth it in the end.but , in the meantime....
I am wanting so badly to Create.
I find myself looking at things I could use for this or's hard to keep on my reorganizing "hat"..
I have to keep thinking... 
Next time I stand among things that tickle my fancy , I will know where to find them ..and. this will help the creative process flow
Things will be waiting to use ,the next time I need them....right there on the shelf, where I last laid them.

and that my what keeps me going..
I guess I will always have..
  Layers of paper scraps and other things
it just seems to be the cycle of creating.

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